xmas stars

xmas stars

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

is it that hard ?

Back in November my little Tommy went to have a MRI brain scan afterwards i was told to phone up in two weeks for the results so after 2 weeks of worrying i phoned back to be told the results weren't back yet so phone back next week so i did and still no results this was last Thurs so i was told to phone back Monday so again i did to be told still no results phone back tomorrow so today yet again i phone back and the sectary then puts me on hold to phone the MRI unit she then comes back and said the results are in but waiting for them to be signed off shes asked them to phone her the second they are done and then she will phone me - not going to hold my breathe on that one i can see myself having to chase her problem is once the results are back she cant tell me what they say i will have to wait for the neurologist to phone and tell me so who's for putting on a bet i wont have any news this side of Xmas waiting for results is a worrying time as it is without all this added bother arghhhh really is it that hard to read a MRI scan result and sign them off - OK sorry moan over

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  1. :( sorry to near that! How frustrating & infuriating for you all. (((hugs)))