xmas stars

xmas stars

Friday, 30 December 2011

goodbye to the bad and raise a glass to the good

OK so tomorrow night brings us yet another new year lets get down with the worse parts 1st a horrible beginning for Tommy with lots of illness mainly chest related and the 1st of two sad loses to our family 1st Goodbye to my lovely Nanny who was always smiling and no matter how ill and weak she was always had time to ask her her baby (Tommy ) was doing i know your watching down on him feeling proud of how hes doing  your smile will always live on through him , Sadly June brought the 1st of the scary arrhythmia's which gave me the biggest scare of all time November brought Tommy's MRI scan and him being put under (still awaiting results) and sadly December brought the loss of a very big part of are family my mother in law whom we will always be grateful for as if not for her Tommy would not be with us today you were the strongest person i knew and your strength will always live on through Tommy we look to your star every night and know your always be with us love you xxx
OK now time to raise our glasses for October brought the best news ever when Tommy took his 1st steps unaided that made our world a thing we'd never thought we'd see November brought the 1st steps of signing or Tommy as he learnt biscuit, cake ,drink ,chocolate and more but the thing i most want to raise my glass to is all my new found friends I've met through swan who've always been there with words of support and understanding through the good and the bad thanks swan family i love each and everyone of you loads and am looking forward to meeting lots of you face to face next yr also thanks to some special friends and family who have stuck by are sides the whole journey so far you know who you are so love you guys to and the biggest glass i raise is to my 5 kids my mum and wonderful hubby its been a bad yr but we've made it though step by step as the strong loving family that we are love you SO much your my world
So what are my hopes for the new yr well more than anything it will be for people to accept Tommy for who he is and not what they think they see for people to listen to what we tell them as Tommy goes through a lot more on a daily base as any of you wold ever know and some of his needs will never be cured so get over it and deal with it as we have as its what makes Tommy extra special we love him so much and yes my biggest hope would be a answer for all Tommy's needs and the hope i can be strong enough to fight and care for him as he needs

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