xmas stars

xmas stars

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A long week

A good week gone bad last weekend was fab on sat 11th Feb i held a charity valentines ball it really was a fantastic night enjoyed by everyone we raised £800 for the children's ward which was great lots of dancing and laughs were had by all. Sadly the highs of such a fab weekend did not last long as when Monday arrived poor Tommy awoke feeling week right on the half term holidays so Tuesday's planned family day out to monkey world with family and friends did not happen for me and Tommy yet again i stood and wave my other 4 children off to enjoy another fun day out with out me and Tommy watching them all go out with friends and knowing they were all having fun with others whilst i couldn't be there is one of the hardest things i have to deal with my family are my life but Tommy's needed me more so i snuggled in front of the telly with my baby boy for the day by now Tommy had lost the strength to sit or stand unaided when weds came he could hardly open his eyes so down to the hospital we go Tommy is now dehydrated and has a ng tube put down his nose it turns out he has rotas virus and sadly he couldn't keep anything in his tummy as the eve comes its time for daddy to take over and stay at the hospital whilst i go home to my 4 stars we jump into the normal routine daddy does the nights at the hospital whilst i do the days and then my wonderful mum helps at home with the 4 stars , Tommy looks so frightened as i leave him at the hospital his eyes tell me everything and i cry my self to sleep that night thinking of them eyes well day by day we carry on like this in till Fri night when the infections cleared and we can bring a very weak Tommy home still unable to weight bear or sit unaided but manging to smile we bring him home where his eldest brother awaits him with lots and lots of cuddles wow what a long week its been and a rubbish half term for all 5 of my stars as we had so much planned as a family i always feel so bad for my 4 older stars when ever Tommy goes into hospital as they miss out on so much

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  1. I am so sorry you had an awful week and Tommy was ill. I wish Tommy a speedy recovery and I hope you get to recharge your batteries as well. Great post could feel all the emotion behind it

    wendy xxxxx