xmas stars

xmas stars

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Another big step

Well I'm feeling very proud of myself today last night we took a very big step and put Tommy into his own big boy bed we decided he wakes up between 2 and 8 times every night calling for me and at present we can not find a cause well after having 3 weeks of no less than 5 times each night i said it can't do any harm so the bed was made up and at bed time up he went it took about hour for him to drop off he got out of bed 3 times and called me from the bedroom door but each time i went up and said back to bed and with help from mummy back in bed he got , throughout the night he only waked 3 times much better one time was because he was confused as to where he was so took 45 Min's to calm him back down the other 2 times i went in kissed him and laid him back down so that's another big step for Tommy and a even bigger step for mummy as now it really feels like my little man is growing up , go go Tommy

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