xmas stars

xmas stars

Monday, 23 January 2012

At a low point - who knows

Some how I've fallen into a really low point and feel quite let down and hurt by a few people i thought might just understand what I'm feeling (maybe it's me taking things to heart). Maybe it's the lack of sleep the past week , maybe it's star's steps backwards , maybe it's just a build up from the past 2 and 1/2 yrs that I've fought against and never let worry me , maybe it's the MRI results , maybe its seeing the sadness in his eyes when hes weak , maybe it's the not knowing what the future holds , who knows who really knows if i don't then I'm sure no one else can , i mean who knows what me and my star fight against day after day all they see is his smiling face no-one hears his crys at night or the sadness behind his eyes when he's to weak to play , no sees the fear on his face when he wakes at night and cant focus to see his mummy.
No-one knows they see a happy family full of smiles , the smiles are a mask so no one can see the tears in our eye's and the pain in our heart ,that we feel when he cant say whats wrong but the pains there in his face.
So although I'm at this low point who really knows as i fight not to let my smile mask drop

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  1. Sending you ((((hugs)))) I am sorry to hear you are feeling so low at the moment. No-one knows what each of us go through on a daily basis, our stories are all our own and each one of us has different struggles and challenges to face we can only sympathise and support each other. I hope though, that you do realise you are not on your own. And I hope things improve for Tommy over the coming weeks and months. xxx