xmas stars

xmas stars

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A lovely day out

On Sunday we decided to pack the 5 kids into the car and make the most of the last day of the Easter break my Daddy Star wanted to go to a little coastal village called Beer so off we went it was a beautiful day the kids and daddy star went climbing around by the rock pool whilst me and Tommy sat and watched the beautiful view on the very stony beach we sat and cuddled and took lots of photos of the views today Tommy wasn't bothered he couldn't join the others in there fun he was very content on cuddling up with mummy and pointing out the boats and taking photos today was lovely no crying in frustration at the fact his legs would not carry him across the stones to the rest of the family today was what id call a perfect day our life Ive wrote this blog as part of the define normal challenge  http://www.justbringthechocolate.com/define-normal/

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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely day, made me feel good too- hope you have many more x